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    Decoding Artificial Intelligence: The brain, the myth, and the legend

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    Decoding Artificial Intelligence

    Strategic Conclusions & Future Vision of Yokogawa's AI

    Are you sure you have the data you need? Are you using your data in the right way to meet your objectives? Most end-users imagine waht could bem but lack the means to meet their objectives. this usually leads to a lot of worries and frustraion.
    Yokogawa's AI empowers customers with an advanced understanding of their current situation, allow them to correctly predict future event, and adapt accordingly. Yokogawa creates a new normal with customers to open up tomorrow's opportunities.

    Key Elements Supporting Yokogawa's AI

    Intelligent Sensing and Advanced Analytics
    Business and Domain Knowledge, Sence Making and Achievement

    Industry Trends


    Case Studies

    Real-Time Cavitation Detection System

    Real-Time Cavitation Detection System

    Today, it is possible to predict when cavities will collapse by applying AI to pressure data collected from the machine.

    Learn about Yokogawa’s STARDOM controller here
    Find out more on Cavitation Detection System here

    Production Process and Quality Stabilization

    Production Process & Quality Stabilization

    Variations in raw material quality and aging manufacturing infrastructure often cause the quality and productivity of the production line to deteriorate.

    Learn about Mitsubishi Gas Chemical 星光娱乐app哪里下载, Inc here
    Learn about Sumitomo Seika Chemicals 星光娱乐app哪里下载, Limited here

    Image Processing Technology for High Content Analysis Software

    Image Processing Technology for High Content Analysis Software

    Using a fluorescent dye is one of the most common techniques to observe cells under a microscope. However, the dye affects the living cells and the research results sometimes.

    Learn more about Yokogawa’s CellPathfinder here

    Source: Frost & Sullivan estimates based on industry reports


    Why is AI gaining momentum in recent years?

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